Thursday, October 2, 2008

What causes acne at 55 years old

« ...The causes of genital acne or any type of acne come from within the body and can be aggravated by what happens at the skin surface. With genital acne, the apocrine glands are sometimes not fully developed and able to effectively rid themselves of "toxins", so they end up pushing the backed up materials to the skin's surface where they produce pimples. Other possible causes may be as simple as the laundry detergent you use, or the soap you use or wearing clothes that are too tight. The constant rubbing of tight clothes can really irritate that delicate skin! Perspiration is often the cause of genital acne, so it's important to shower after exercising or doing other activities that cause lots of sweating....
...Acne is found quite often in pubescent individuals. Because of a high genetic disposition to the condition, acne is particularly common in Western societies. It is believed that the presence of acne is due to an abnormal response to normal levels in the body of testosterone, the male hormone. For many individuals, this response tends to diminish over time, causing the acne to decrease by the time they reach their 20's, or even disappear. Unfortunately, it is impossible to tell how long it will take for acne to completely disappear; for some people they may experience it for many decades- even beyond their 30's or 40's. A large number of people will experience this condition at some point in their life....»
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«...The one thing that many people say when it comes to treating acne with natural methods is how long will it take? Obviously when that question is asked there is the fear behind it that it will take too long and one does not want to go through all that unless one get results sooner rather than later....»
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fraNKlin said...

The most natural acne treatment for is dieting. Minimize eating on fried foods, caffeine, chocolate, carbonated drinks, salt, wheat, and even milk can make acne worse. It's better to eat more vegetables and fruits instead of salty or sugar packed foods. It is also recommended to increase your vitamin A, zinc and Vitamin B6 levels in your body. And you may also take some supplements, but by consuming foods that are high in these three vitamins will drastically help your skin condition. It is one of the most natural acne treatments.